Some websites for DNA methylation and chromatin

epigenetics databases and tools

UCSC Genome Browser with ENCODE and other data tracks:

Includes DNA methylation, CpG island, histone modification, CTCF binding, RNA-seq, CAGE
tagging, predicted chromatin structures (Chromatin state segmentation by HMM), DNaseI
hypersensitivity mapping for human cell cultures and tissues with some of these tracks for the

In addition: Track Data Hubs at

Online training for UCSC Genome Browser:

ROADMAP Epigenomics Project:

ROADMAP tutorial:

Galaxy for computational biology:

Human Epigenome Atlas:

MethylomeDB, The Brain Methylome Database:

MethDB: data base for DNA methylation and environmental epigenetic effects:

Cancer Methylome System:

DiseaseMeth: A web based resource focused on the aberrant methylomes of human diseases:

Primer design for bisulfite-treated DNA,


MethPrimer for CpG island prediction too:

Bisulfite Primer Seeker:

Bismark, mapping bisulfite-converted DNA sequence reads:

methylkit, annotation of RRBS profiles:

Histone modification database:

Human histone modification database: